Shredded Paper Wholesales and Dealer By Packbox.in-

Shredded Paper Wholesales and Dealer By Packbox.in-


Crinkle paper is exactly what it sounds like, shreds of paper that are crinkled up like an accordion. It is made out of paper and is fully compostable and recyclable ,Eco-Friendly made from 100% recycled Paper and it is completely bio degradable. These shreds are ideal for baskets, basket boxes and nested box displays. Usage: It’s ideal for stuffing your gift boxes or baskets perfectly to make your gifts more beautiful and exquisite Suitable scene: They are perfect for all memorable days and occasions,such as wedding,birthday,Valentines’Day,Easter,Christmas,graduation day and more DIY Sented Sachet pouch . you can scent shredded paper with good smelling scents (like using perfumes or essential oils). Then place it in a pouch for a neat homemade sachet filled with good smelling items that you place in a drawer for a nice aroma.

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